Do You Let Your People Go There?

Next Time, Really Put Everything Is On The Table. Go There.

The Hope: Your leaders take whatever risks they need to in order to get the job done.

The Reality: Your leaders are risk averse, hoping that their less-than-bold moves trigger some kind of true change.

How many times have you heard, in the midst of a crisis, that “everything is on the table” when in reality, there are very few things on the table? Typically, in my experience, that phrase is only used instead of the blunter “Someone here is going to have to make a sacrifice, and just so you know, it won’t be me”. read more

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Time Off Is For Wimps?

Time Off? Not On My Watch.

So in my absolute favorite movie of all time, Wall Street, there is this great scene where Bud Fox first meets Gordon Gekko in his office and he is telling someone on the phone that “lunch is for wimps” and shredding birthday cards. In Gekko’s world, there is no time off, there is no time when things are not in play, there is no “off switch” – everything is in play all of the time. There is no work time and play time, its only time. read more

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Life As Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Products Are Great

If you’ve been exposed or are in the startup world you’ve probably heard the term minimum viable product – which basically means the barest minimum of a product, without all of the bells & whistles and extra features. read more

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Ageism: The Worst Kept Deep Dark Secret

Ageism Is Everywhere, It Sucks and Few Care

Today I’m going to tackle a sensitive topic. I don’t know how sensitive this topic really is because I think everyone is pretty well aware that this is exactly what’s happening, but people keep calling it a secret when it obviously isn’t. Some people even say “this is the darkest deepest secret of Silicon Valley”. read more

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Startup Success: You Got To Get Lucky

Oh You Lucky Startup Founder, You!

There are plenty of motivational speakers out there who speak about being successful and purport to have the magic formula for success in their back pocket, all you need is to throw them a mere $97 (A $400 savings off of the regular price of $497) and they will show you exactly what you need to do in order to ensure your success. read more

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