Weekends Are For Wimps

Are You Still Taking The Weekend Off?

Lunch is for wimps – Gordon Gekko, Wall Street

Ah, the good old days, when we all used to work for big companies, sometimes for life. We’d get up early on Monday morning, make coffee, make breakfast, shower, shave, grab a shirt, suit, and tie, then get in our cars and drive to work. We’d sit in traffic for an hour or so, listening to drive-time radio, typically “shock jocks” like Howard Stern, multipersonality morning shows, or the news, so that there was something to talk about during breaks, lunch and whenever we had a spare moment. We’d find a parking spot, walk into the office, say hi to the receptionist as we walked in, went to our cube, dropped off our briefcase, then went to the kitchen to pour ourselves a bad coffee. If it wasn’t made, we made a pot or asked someone who knew how. After gabbing with our co-workers for a while, we’d gravitate back to our cubes, sat down, and booted up our desktop computers. We’d look around our cube, covered with photos of places we’ve been, places we’d like to go, postcards from people we knew who went to places we’d like to go, and sit and wait for our computer to boot up. Once it booted up, we’d be squinting at our tiny slow monitors. read more

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