Ways We Innovate: Waste Some Time

Waste Some Time For A Good Cause

I was reading an excellent article in one of my new favorite magazines, The New Philosopher, on Technology. In fact, the entire issue was on technology, a great read – you should pick it up.

But I digress. In one article, a researcher had a stunning revelation: he realized that he no longer wasted time. From the moment he woke up to the moment he went to bed, he was always doing something Рreading, responding to emails, working out, eating, writing etc. He noted that he was so busy, that he had every moment of his entire day completely scheduled, and never spent a moment, not even a second, simply doing nothing. He mused: is this what it means to be someone living in the 21st century, an always on, cog in the machine, able to be super productive, every second of every day? I wonder, is this us, now? More than ever before we have the tools, the culture, and the mindset to be ultraproductive all the time, as we are forever hyperconnected into the hive mind. read more

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