How To Be More Inventive: Take A Vacation

Vacations Can Lead To Innovations

I was asked the other day about how I invent – how I generate new ideas. Well, among other things I read a ton – and not just in the areas in which I’m looking to invent in, but all sorts of things – everything from business to tech to cultural to social. Even hit up the fiction and especially the science fiction sections on Amazon – if you were to look at my Kindle I’m sure you’d think it was an eclectic mess – or that I’m a serious case of multiple personality disorder. Same goes for paper books – sometimes I need the tactile look and feel of a real book – especially in my pre-sleep, no screen time. I usually have about 3-7 books going at one time, sometimes reading one for a bit, sometimes rotating through a few. read more

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Time Off Is For Wimps?

Time Off? Not On My Watch.

So in my absolute favorite movie of all time, Wall Street, there is this great scene where Bud Fox first meets Gordon Gekko in his office and he is telling someone on the phone that “lunch is for wimps” and shredding birthday cards. In Gekko’s world, there is no time off, there is no time when things are not in play, there is no “off switch” – everything is in play all of the time. There is no work time and play time, its only time. read more

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