Can Only Unicorns Be Innovative?

Is Your Innovation Program A Failure Because It Didn’t Produce a Unicorn?

I was at an innovation outpost event (innovation “outposts”, in their definition, are offices which companies who are not based in┬áSilicon Valley have in Silicon Valley, so that they can breathe the heady, heady vapors of the innovation brewing out here) a few weeks ago where the presenter made a very interesting remark. That remark stayed with me, and now I seem to be hearing references to it over and over, with regards to the expected outcome of an enterprise innovation program, which I’ve blogged about before. I think that he made up the remark on the fly, during his talk, and at first I thought he might be just be being facetious, but as I hear more and more people use it, I’m thinking that may not be the case. read more

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