Talentism and the End of the 9-5 Work Week

Its Time For Talentism

Heard this word the other day and I thought it was great – it perfectly encapsulates, if you ask me, the future worker, or more accurately, the solopreneur – (not a big fan of this word but it likely is the most descriptive). As I mentioned earlier in my blog post on The Future Of Work, work, as we know it as the 9-5 M-F big block of time that you need to spend in an office, or even telecommuting and doing one specific thing for a specific company, will disappear. All work will become either piecework (creating a certain number of X for Y) or part-time (spending X number of hours/minutes/seconds doing Y). All “jobs”, and I guess even the word “job” will revert to the same kind of “job” the crew of the Firefly would pick up as it went from system to system. The concept of a “job” would be the “odd job” – you would typically work for a number of companies at the same time, likely not doing the same thing though, and you would be tracked against either the piecework criteria or the time criteria above. read more

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