How Our Devices Can Make Us Superhuman

Can We Make Ourselves Superhuman?

Science fiction and comic books are rife with stories of the “more than human” human – either biologically enhanced through stimulants, genetic manipulation and/or mechanical augmentation. I still recall some book I read a while back that posited that in the future if you needed an extra arm to help you to get your job done, you could get one grafted on – either a real, flesh and blood one or a mechanical one. Of course, either one would listen to your brain and direct itself accordingly – by the time this was possible, we’d already have the ability to control these things by reading brainwaves. I remember that novel had scenes of three armed chefs making sushi or something like that, and an engineer who was ten times more efficient and productive at building things since he had one extra arm grafted to his right side. read more

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