Speak No Evil: Motivation Malarkey

Motivation – Shmotivation

I’ve recently noted a number of posts that are simply inspirational quotes from others. Aside from a few quotes from William Gibson or Dan Pink, I rarely quote other people. Personally, I don’t actually get much of anything in motivation from those quotes. I also don’t think that a simple quote, almost like a little bumper sticker of wisdom, will really make a difference in your life. read more

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Success Requires Butt Kicking

I used to watch reality programming but have since kicked the habit since we dropped cable and moved to pure on-demand TV watching (Netflix, etc.). One of our favorite shows used to be Restaurant Impossible – if you haven’t caught it, you probably know the type – this famous chef (well, at least Food Network famous) would go around to failing restaurants and in 48 hours with a very small budget (I think it was $10,000) attempt to turn them around. He would go in, see what was going on, and typically do three things: read more

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Startup Success: You Got To Get Lucky

Oh You Lucky Startup Founder, You!

There are plenty of motivational speakers out there who speak about being successful and purport to have the magic formula for success in their back pocket, all you need is to throw them a mere $97 (A $400 savings off of the regular price of $497) and they will show you exactly what you need to do in order to ensure your success. read more

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Success Is A Lightning Strike: How Do You Attract Lightning?

Struck By Success

A long time ago, back before a time which we aren’t supposed to talk about (pre-2007), I used to have a podcast which talked about many different things, among them the future, innovation, and politics, which I recorded on the road in the car on my way to work. I would rant and rave about all sorts of stuff, pointing out things that were happening, calling out stupid drivers on the road, and just talking generally about things that annoyed me. read more

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