5 Tips To Think Poor And Make Your Money Stretch

Extend Your Runway With These Money Saving Tips

The toughest thing to manage if you ask me as a startup founder is money. You might think that you have enough, even if you try to run lean, but every now and then as you drive forward relentlessly to get your startup off the ground, you think “wouldn’t it be nice if we had someone do this” or “wouldn’t the office be nicer if we had free lunch”. Plus, with all of the dire warning that the bubble we are in might just be about to burst, its probably a good idea to try and stretch out your cash as much as you can. read more

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It’s The Product, Stupid!

Why  Most Startups Fail: The Product

It never ceases to amaze me when startups fail and the founders are crying in their beers that most of the time they just didn’t get the fact that no one probably really needed or wanted that thing they were selling. read more

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Ageism: The Worst Kept Deep Dark Secret

Ageism Is Everywhere, It Sucks and Few Care

Today I’m going to tackle a sensitive topic. I don’t know how sensitive this topic really is because I think everyone is pretty well aware that this is exactly what’s happening, but people keep calling it a secret when it obviously isn’t. Some people even say “this is the darkest deepest secret of Silicon Valley”. read more

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