Lunch In A Seamless World

A Seamless Lunch

A colleague and I walked over to a certain Asian fast food restaurant the other day. The line was long, full of people still trying to decide what to eat from the steam table when they finally got to the counter, someone behind the counter had to replenish the white rice, and then the orders were stacked up at the cashier. Eventually, we sat and ate, but the waiting ate up most of the time we had. Made me think of what lunch would be like in a seamless world read more

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Are You Ready For A Seamless World?

Time To Get Seamless

As I was driving to pick up my son from school the other day, I noticed I was running late, so I used Google Now to text him and tell him I was running late. It was probably more dangerous than actually texting – the voice command to say “text so-and-so” worked great, but when I saw what it came back with, I had to redo it twice before I sent it on its way. It kept showing the text it was going to send on the screen and asking if it was OK to send it! The whole reason why I used the voice commands to create the text was so that I didn’t have to use my hands – why didn’t it read it back to me? Maybe Siri would, I should ask her. read more

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