Thinly Veiled Sales Messages Are 90% Of The Internet

Do you remember the days when selling a product meant advertising, PR, cold calling and direct mail? At least you could tell the difference between advertising and truth then.

I was reading a post on Medium the other day on success. I read a lot of posts on success, even though I know that most of the posts I read on the internet about success are crap, I still get drawn to them, like a moth to a flame, thinking that maybe this next article that I read, maybe, just maybe, might give me that little tip or trick which will send me over the top into true success land. I’m sure that there are many people out there who are reading the exact same thing, and judging by the amount of love (likes, recommends, hearts, etc) and other comments of adoration, people seem to just lap up this stuff. Possibly in the same way, maybe this next article that I read is the one. It’s almost like looking for a mate – this is post the one? Or this one? Maybe this one? No, they all disappoint. So it’s on to the next. read more

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It’s The Product, Stupid!

Why  Most Startups Fail: The Product

It never ceases to amaze me when startups fail and the founders are crying in their beers that most of the time they just didn’t get the fact that no one probably really needed or wanted that thing they were selling. read more

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In The Future Of Sales

In The Future of Sales, Your Customer Comes To You

I’m starting to get a little put off by some of the marketing tactics out there on the internet – it seems that the tactics of “internet marketers” are starting to be mainstreamed and people are attempting to use them for other products as well. Don’t they get that we are in a whole new world, and that is the world of the Challenger Sale? read more

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