The Rise Of Homo Nexus: Are We Now The Borg Collective?

Are We Turning Into A Collective Consciousness?

Recently, I have been binge watching Star Trek: Voyager (such a geek, right – love those 90s hairstyles). One of the key premises of Star Trek (all versions save for the new JJ Abrams dreck) is that individuals can always triumph over a “collective”.  The Borg was evil because it was a collective. When you were assimilated by the Borg (resistance is futile) you were robbed of your individuality, which meant being robbed of your humanity, since your humanity was inextricably tied to your individuality. The message: Individuality is good, the collective is bad. read more

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Robots Are Awesome

Aren’t Robots Great?

Just got back from watching Terminator Genisys and of course read the article on how a number of tech luminaries are trying to place some rules around AI (didn’t Isaac Asimov already come up with some really good rules a long time ago – those rules work for me) so that there isn’t another Skynet. read more

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