5 Reasons Pokemon Go Is A Game Changer And May Save The World

Yes, That Guy Is Playing Pokemon Go

Everywhere you look, people are walking around town, holding up their phones. They walk for a bit, then stop, They swipe up once or twice, then get a happy look on their faces. They walk along a little more, and do the same thing. In some places, people gather randomly to sit and hold up their phones, sometimes turning around, then swiping up, then smiling – or frowning – and smiling again. Nine times out of ten, that guy you just walked past is playing Pokemon Go. You overhear conversations about Zubats and Jigglypuffs and Meowths, You strike up a casual conversations with the server in the restaurant about how he caught over 50 by now, and he recommends going to to mall, its a great “attraction point” read more

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