Stop Planning Now

Is Planning Passe?

Back before I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, there were two magazines that I read on a regular basis: Wired and Forbes ASAP. I would go to my local bookstore (which was named This Ain’t The Rosedale Library, which was typically full of communist manifestos and other fringe opinion, but also a big selection of magazines from all over. They even distributed my ‘zine for a time which I produced in high school, OX – but I digress) and pick those up religiously. I read both from cover to cover, devouring everything new and tech. Living in Toronto, we didn’t really get that much exposure to the absolute latest and greatest, so when these magazines reported on “what’s next” I eagerly ate them up. read more

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Why You Need A Corporate Futurist

An Essential Role You Need To Fill: Corporate Futurist

Whose job is it in your organization to look at the far future? Whose job is it to look out 5-10 years and determine where your company will be, where the world will be, where your customers will be?

Some people might say, well, its the CEO’s job of course. It’s the CEO’s job to look at those futures – map out the companies strategy – and then steer the ship in that direction. Others may say it is the CTO’s job, especially if the company is technology focused, to take a look at the future of technology, and map our those strategies (in concert with the rest of the C-suite of course) and then take that direction. read more

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