Potatoes: One Path to Mindless Innovation

Even Being Mindless Can Lead To Breakthrough Innovation

Sometimes, I enjoy doing what seem to others like mindless tasks. (Although some may call them mindful).

I have this weekly ritual where I meticulously clean our kitchen sink: first I empty it, then I run water, then a use powdered bleach on it, the I scrub the powdered bleach using a J-Cloth, making sure that I scrub it as clean as I can. I then rinse the sinks out, plug them, fill them with a little water, then very carefully pour a very small amount of liquid bleach into the water (if you ask me, the best cleaner known to humankind – even though it’s dangerous!), making sure not to splash any. I then let the water sit for a few minutes while the bleach goes to work making the drain and the bottoms of the white sinks spotless. Shortly, I pull out the drain and let the water run out, rinse the sinks again and marvel at the cleanliness of the sink. read more

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