In The Future Of Sales

In The Future of Sales, Your Customer Comes To You

I’m starting to get a little put off by some of the marketing tactics out there on the internet – it seems that the tactics of “internet marketers” are starting to be mainstreamed and people are attempting to use them for other products as well. Don’t they get that we are in a whole new world, and that is the world of the Challenger Sale? read more

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Is Content Marketing A Scam?

Do We Really Need Content Marketing?

This is a bit of a Meta post. It’s a blog post on content marketing.

Some people might consider this post content marketing.

I’m going to take an ironic contrarian view: even though I’ve set a target for myself to post five 500+ word blog posts a week (which some may consider content marketing), I’ve been getting this sinking feeling that all content marketing is a scam. It’s just the latest scam to get people to spend time on and make money from, even though there may be quicker ways to get the results you want. read more

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Use These Techniques To Superpower Your Innovation Program

Innovation Program Powers, Activate!

I’ve talked before on how I believe that the MVP model is not only awesome for startups, it’s also pretty awesome for anything in life. So it shouldn’t be too surprising for you to hear me talk about how you can use the MVP model in order to build your internal innovation engine. read more

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