How to Bring Journalism back from the Dead

Journalism is Dead. Can we revive it with the crowd, part 2?

Back in 2013, I wrote a post about the death of the above, mostly through the unbridled bias which I seeing at the time. If you ask me, true journalism is when a reporter simply reports – they look at the facts of whatever the situation is, then report those facts. Even though outfits like Fox News use the term “We Report. You Decide” they, like pretty much other media outlet, never really does the former. read more

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Journalism Is Dead : Can We Revive It Via The Crowd?

I few months ago, I discovered what I thought was a really cool new newsmagazine site called Quartz at At first I was drawn in by the cool design, interesting tech articles etc so I decided to subscribe in order to keep up with the site. They had a “daily brief” which summarized all of the top stories in various categories. I thought it was pretty cool. read more

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