How to Create Jobs For Humans

Where are the Jobs For Humans In The Gig Economy

While the gig/on-demand/sharing economy has been touted as the growth of a new economic (and innovation) engine, and more jobs, even by myself, I’m finding it harder and harder to see that it has long term legs, at least for some of the bigger companies currently in that space. Sure, over the next maybe 5-10 years, the gig economy will continue to grow, although if you ask me it won’t grow because people will gravitate towards the supposed “freedom” this work will allow, but due to the fact traditional corporate work will continue to disappear due to productivity gains and automation. While I have argued before on this blog that automation is a good thing, I’m starting to wonder if most of what the gig economy is doing is creating a new menial class. It’s creating work, alright, but that work barely requires a human. Even these jobs will eventually be replaced again by simply more advanced automation, such as autonomous vehicles and drones. read more

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