7 Powerful Tips To Make Your Inventors Happy

Successful Innovation Programs Require a Comprehensive Inventor Care Program

Who is an inventor? Anyone within your organization who will contribute ideas to the program. Ideally, as many people as possible within the organization.

In our view, the best programs are enterprise-wide, but in some organizations, you may need to restrict it to a smaller group. In one organization, a major retailer we worked with, we ran the program within the e-commerce group (around 3,000 employees), with an eye to eventually extending it to the entire organization (which at the time had 2M global employees). The reason for extending it to everyone? You never know where your next billion dollar idea will come from. In our experience, it could come from anywhere within the organization, even some far-flung sales office. It usually never pays to exclude anyone. (Although, for IP purposes, you may need to exclude all non-full-time employees – consult with your legal department on this) read more

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Do Non-Serial Inventors Really Exist?

Can You Really Just Invent Once? Isn’t Everyone A Serial Inventor?

I watched Flash Of Genius last night: it’s the story of inventor Robert Kearns, the man who invented the intermittent wiper, whose invention was basically stolen from him by Ford Motor Corp and integrated into their cars with no consideration. The story starts as Robert, as a serial inventor whose supposed first invention was a plastic bag which let you color your margarine yellow, sees the need for a wiper which only wipes “like an eye blinking” in a rain storm, coming home one day from church with his large family. He builds and patents his invention, then goes to the Ford in order to swing a deal. They lead him on long enough to get their hands on a working model of the invention, then break off the deal. read more

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