Hyperpersonalization Hits Home

Hyperpersonalization Creates Bubbles Of One

A while back, I wrote a post on hyperpersonalization impeding innovation Рwhich discussed how keeping people in their little cocoons by surrounding them with a completely personalized experience to themselves will hamper innovation. I mentioned that in a world where everything is personalized to your needs, how can you come across moments of serendipity which can lead to new ideas and innovation? read more

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Does Hyperpersonalization Impede Innovation?

Hyperpersonalization Minimizes Exploration

I was at a conference the other day about the future of the enterprise. Of course, my crazy futurist side kept on talking about how the enterprise itself is an outmoded concept of work, and in the not too distant future, all types of work will be carried out by more loosely connected individuals, who come together for a project, then disband. But that’s a topic for another post. read more

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