How free-to-play video games make $2 billion

We all know that superbowl ads aren’t cheap. So picture this, I’m watching the super bowl, and an ad comes on for a mobile game app bearing the headline “Free to play”. I didn’t think much of it, until another “free-to-play” game app was advertised and my son told he me loves it. read more

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Making Games & Social Networks Useful

I used to play games all the time

Even though I enjoy gaming – I haven’t had a chance to play anything for the longest time (used to be a huge World of Warcraft player – still have a level 66 Paladin I haven’t seen in a while) – I just find that spending time doing something which ultimately does not actually generate anything at the end, other than really just kill time (I know some of you out there are going – what do you mean – that’s the whole point of games!). I suppose if I was the kind of person who could spend hours entertaining myself with no result other that the amusement during play, then I’d be playing more often. read more

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