Robots Are Awesome

Aren’t Robots Great?

Just got back from watching Terminator Genisys and of course read the article on how a number of tech luminaries are trying to place some rules around AI (didn’t Isaac Asimov already come up with some really good rules a long time ago – those rules work for me) so that there isn’t another Skynet. read more

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The Future Is Not a Scary, Cold, Emotionless Place

The Future Can Be Awesome

What’s the deal with all of the scary, dystopian futures that we are seeing in popular culture? Why are people thinking that the future is going to be so horrible? Of course, if you look in some directions, you see the power of the state increasing, but in other cases, you see the power of the individual increasing via the use of technology. Is not just a balance, it’s in our favor. As humans. read more

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Be A Better Human…Through Automation

Can Our Bots Make Us Better Humans Through Automation?

If you are anything like me (and I hope not, cause I’m totally unique 😉 ) then you forget things. A lot. I’ve had to come up with systems to remember where my keys and wallet are (if I don’t put them back in the same place every time then I completely forget where they are) and I never, ever, remember anything I ever have to do. I always have to throw into some to-do list manager or Evernote, otherwise, I will forget. read more

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Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid?

No, Smartphones Make Us Smarter

There has been a lot of talk recently about how horrible it is that we spend so much time on our smartphones – our smartphones are rotting our brains – we can’t think for ourselves because we have our smartphones. Why do so many people out there rage on smartphone use – typically posting these missives from their smartphones (usually a tweet)? read more

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Welcome To Tomorrow, Today.

It’s Already Tomorrow

I’m almost 100% that you’ve heard this very famous quote:

The Future Is Already Here…its just not evenly distributed. – William Gibson

This is totally true. Of course, some of that future might still reside n your head, but don’t worry, we can help you get it out of your head and into the world where it belongs. read more

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Tomorrow May Already Be Too Late

Tomorrow Is Now

If I had a nickel for every time I heard “It used to be that the big eat the small, now the fast eat the slow” I’m sure that I’d be in the ranks will Bill Gates and Mark Cuban. Of course, it’s been repeated so often that it feels like it just some hoary old catch phrase that you see on listicles on LinkedIn of “10 Phrases You Should Really Stop Using, Like Right Now” read more

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Remove The Human, Improve The Experience?

In Some Cases, Humans Prefer Robots

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I really enjoy talking to robots over people.

I mean, I can’t remember the last time I had to talk to a human in order to do any banking – I do most everything online unless I need cash (which is rarer and rarer) in which case I go to an ATM. I’ve been doing more and more buying via Amazon instead of going into stores, and I’d say that if it wasn’t for grocery shopping, and just meeting with people for various work and social reasons, I don’t think I’d need to deal with people, period. Dealing with people can be such a hassle, you know? read more

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Use These Techniques To Superpower Your Innovation Program

Innovation Program Powers, Activate!

I’ve talked before on how I believe that the MVP model is not only awesome for startups, it’s also pretty awesome for anything in life. So it shouldn’t be too surprising for you to hear me talk about how you can use the MVP model in order to build your internal innovation engine. read more

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The Future Will Not Be “Futuristic”

The Future Will Be To Your Choosing.

It’s funny – a lot of times when people think about the future – they think about super futuristic cities, super streamlined cars and all sorts of visible technology in the forefront. If I had a penny for all of the videos and images of the future which I think are completely wrong, then I’d definitely be rich. read more

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Thanks, Google For Bungeeing Us Into The Future

Back in Canada, there is this yearly fair called the Canadian National Exhibition or CNE (we just used to call it “the Ex”). I think its the longest running yearly fair, its been going since 1879. They have rides and exhibits and stuff: everything from food to international products, to hobbies, flowers, you name it. read more

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