Prepare For The Future Of Work, Where Everything Is Personal

Everything Is Personal In the Future of Work

In the disruption of work, we will all need to be generalists to some degree, even roles at large enterprises will require broad skill sets and an entrepreneurial mindset. No longer can we compartmentalize ourselves into being an “Java Developer” or “Business Development”. Everyone needs to know everything – having the entrepreneurial mindset of “just doing what it takes” will now be expected from everyone in any role. read more

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What Will The Future Of Work Be Like?

The Future Of Work Will Feel Very Different

Are you still working in a company where everyone comes into the same office, Monday to Friday, generally from 9-5? Does your CEO frown on telecommuting or outsourcing? Are you clinging to outmoded ways of working, since its what you’ve always done? read more

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The Future of Work Is Work Where You Are

The Future Of Work Is Transient

As I was sitting in traffic the other day, wondering why I had to drive 50 miles to sit at a desk for 8 hours, meet someone in person for 30 minutes, then drive back 50 miles, in traffic in both directions, I didn’t have a revelation. I’d already spent 100 minutes in traffic on the way to work and was in the middle of spending 130 minutes in traffic on the way back from work. You see, I didn’t have a revelation because I already knew that I was wasting time. And time is not something that you can get back. But I digress. read more

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