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Uber’s Flying Car Idea Is Pretty Sweet

A few months ago, I attended an event where a number of officials, tech folks and other interested parties got together to talk about the future of transportation, especially within cities. The event was “Moving Humans – Smarter Mobility for Smart Cities’ and there was a ton of talk around car sharing, bike sharing, public transportation, and other ways of moving people to, from and within cities. A pretty powerful topic in this is most urban areas, where it takes hours to commute short distances during rush hours. Studies have shown that long commute times lead to all sorts of stress, marriage and family breakdown and physical issues. In this areas alone, due to the high cost of housing, there are people who sit in their 2 hours a day, each way. read more

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It’s 2015: So Where’s My Flying Car?

Having a great conversation on Singularity Hub on the existence – or non-existence – of flying cars at this seemingly late date. Started off with – would you prefer flying or self-driving cars? To whit I said: read more

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