Drugs: People Can’t Be Trusted

The Question Is: Who Controls Our Bodies? We Should Be Able To Drug Ourselves

Read the first post in the series Innovation is War between the Doits and the ShouldWes. The following is also a chapter from my upcoming book, So Where’s My Flying Car?.

A long while back I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and put on Statins. My employer’s insurance company covered the cost of the drugs so I just paid my little $5 copay and got my meds and took them as usual. I then lost my job in a little corporate reshuffle and had to start paying for my own health care. Well, imagine my surprise when I went to refill my prescription and the pharmacist said “That’ll be $700” I thought “Huh?” – These have been out for years, taken by many – how can it be that I’m still paying this much – is it really true that the drug companies are greedy bastards just out to pillage their customers? No – drug company profits were in line with the horrific costs of bringing a drug to market: read more

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