The Future Is Not a Scary, Cold, Emotionless Place

The Future Can Be Awesome

What’s the deal with all of the scary, dystopian futures that we are seeing in popular culture? Why are people thinking that the future is going to be so horrible? Of course, if you look in some directions, you see the power of the state increasing, but in other cases, you see the power of the individual increasing via the use of technology. Is not just a balance, it’s in our favor. As humans. read more

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Innovation Is Dangerous

If Your Innovation Group Doesn’t Feel Dangerous, Maybe It Needs To Step Up

One of the interesting things about corporate innovation departments is that if they are doing their jobs correctly, then they should feel dangerous to the rest of the company. An innovation group which does not have a goal of actively disrupting the main business of the company is likely not doing its job. read more

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