Chaos and Order: You Need Both To Be Productive and Creative

Is there a role for both Order and Chaos in your organization?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about creativity, innovation, and productivity and the effectiveness of teams, and their environments, and I think I’ve come to some interesting conclusions.

Depending on the outcome that you are looking for, you need to revise and adjust not just your thinking, but also your surroundings and even the composition of your team. read more

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Success Requires Butt Kicking

I used to watch reality programming but have since kicked the habit since we dropped cable and moved to pure on-demand TV watching (Netflix, etc.). One of our favorite shows used to be Restaurant Impossible – if you haven’t caught it, you probably know the type – this famous chef (well, at least Food Network famous) would go around to failing restaurants and in 48 hours with a very small budget (I think it was $10,000) attempt to turn them around. He would go in, see what was going on, and typically do three things: read more

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