Is Your Product Too Amazingly Awesome?

Is your Product out-of-this-world awesome? Might be a bad thing.

When I first heard about Taco Copter, I thought it was the most awesomely amazing thing there was. I mean, what’s better than burritos, delivered to your door, when you want them, by drone. The fact that this triggered both the city of San Francisco and the FAA to ban drones is another awesome thing, since we all know that if you are doing something that pisses people off, you are probably doing something disruptive. BTW, did you know that since then you can get pizza, beer, champagne, Coke and sushi all delivered by drone somewhere in the world? Man, if only the FAA would lighten up a bit. What a bunch of ShouldWes. read more

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Applauding Jobs Lost Through Automation

If You Lose Your Job To Automation, Find Another Job

For the last little while, I’ve talked a lot about the wonders of automation and robots. That in my vision of the seamless world, ambient computing, coupled with big data and predictive analytics, will make our lives very easy. But some have called me out on that – saying that this wonderful new wave of automation which I am talking about will cost jobs. That I can say all sorts of great things about the Ubers and the AirBnB’s of the world, but in the end, they cost jobs as opposed to creating them. They say that even though Uber seems to be creating opportunity and jobs right now, at some point in the future, they will probably fire all of their employees or contractors and move over to fully autonomous vehicles, therefore destroying thousands of jobs and putting all of these people out of work again. read more

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