Servicing Your Future Hypermobile & Hyperconnected Customers & Workers

Welcome To The World Of Hyperconnected Just-In-Time-And-Place

The concept of just-in-time appears in only three spaces according to Wikipedia – just-in-time manufacturing, a production strategy where things are built as they are demanded, computer programming, where just-in-time compilation can compile code just before use to improve run-time performance, and a recent addition, just-in-time teaching, a strategy to improve learning outcomes. read more

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How To Provide Exceptional Service? Be Human

Going Above and Beyond In Service

We’ve all heard those (possibly) apocryphal stories of incredible customer service, where a (typically lowly) clerk, worker or customer service rep just goes way beyond the call of duty in order to truly delight customers. The “Someone returned tires to Nordstroms and They Don’t Even Sell Them” story, or the “Moved Heaven and Earth to Get a Passenger on a Plane, And Moved Their Luggage Too” story or the “Guy Drives For 2 Hours to Deliver a Forgotten [insert precious item here] to a [insert unhappy child of your choice here]”. read more

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The Death of Reciprocity: The Rise Of Cohort Taker

If You Stop Getting, Will You Stop Giving? Where’s Reciprocity?

In a previous post, I discussed how many principles of the way that human beings are influenced has changed since they were identified by Robert Cialdini in this book Influence. While in that post I discuss how four out of the six principles no longer apply, there is one myth that stubbornly refuses to go away, is the myth of reciprocity. read more

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How The Internet Has Changed The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence

Let’s talk a little about humanity, and how the internet and social media have changed humanity when it comes to influencing other people.

Why would this be important to you? More than likely, at some point in your work and life, you will need to use techniques to persuade and influence others. Whether you are in sales and are attempting to pitch your product to someone, are simply trying to convince your kid that he doesn’t need that extra scoop of ice cream, or in leadership, much of your success can be attributed to being able to influence other people. read more

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This Is Not The Post You Are Looking For…

Enough With The Good Feels. GooFMeLT Is Making Us Post Crap.

About an hour ago, I finished writing an article for thinkfuture pulse and pressed schedule to schedule it for tomorrow at 6 am my time, the normal time I publish. As I was writing the post, I thought to myself – is this my best work? I kept writing and writing and writing, reworking and reworking it, asking myself over and over again – is this my best work – does it bring my readers any value? Even as I was thinking that and writing that, read more

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Growth Through Innovation

Growth! Growth! Growth!

Everyone is obsessed with growth nowadays. I remember when “growth” was just good old-fashioned sales, but just like mobile homes are being re-branded tiny homes (even if it’s beautifully modern and designed, it’s still a house on a trailer that moves – of course in this area buying a 165 sq ft. home for $45000 is a pure luxury) and user-centered design rebranded as “design thinking” I thought maybe that I’d get with the program as well. We help you grow through innovation. read more

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It’s The Product, Stupid!

Why  Most Startups Fail: The Product

It never ceases to amaze me when startups fail and the founders are crying in their beers that most of the time they just didn’t get the fact that no one probably really needed or wanted that thing they were selling. read more

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In The Future Of Sales

In The Future of Sales, Your Customer Comes To You

I’m starting to get a little put off by some of the marketing tactics out there on the internet – it seems that the tactics of “internet marketers” are starting to be mainstreamed and people are attempting to use them for other products as well. Don’t they get that we are in a whole new world, and that is the world of the Challenger Sale? read more

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