Minimum Viability Eats The World

Awhile back, one of my leading posts was Agile Is Eating The World, where I riff of of Andressen’s quote Software Is Eating The World. In that post, I talk about how agile project management, typically used for software engineering, is not only great for software engineering, its also great for a ton of other…

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All You Have To Do Is To Think Disruption

Disruption Is Easy When You Think About It

As I said a few posts ago, forget about innovation already! Everyone already does it – it’s not interesting anymore. In fact, it’s probably past time we all changed our job titles: Chief Disruption Officer sounds way cooler than Chief Innovation Officer. Plus you get a much better acronym CDO vs CINO (you know, CINO is a four letter word). Just think about doing a search and replace on all of your job titles and documentation, don’t you think you’d get so much farther as a “Disruption Manager” running a “Disruption Program”, reporting to the “Director of Disruption” (almost sounds like a Batman villain. Oh yeah, I thought I saw him hanging out and grabbing a drink with the Joker and the Penguin the other day.) read more

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Urban Housing Crisis? Let Tiny Houses Run Free

The Solution to the High Cost Of Housing Are Modular Tiny Houses…But Will They Be Allowed?

Here in the San Francisco Bay area, (and likely in many other urban areas) the cost of housing has reached levels of ridiculousness never before seen. As I write this, the minimum rent – yes, the absolute minimum rent, for a tiny studio apartment (they just made it legal to make apartments as small as 250 sq ft), in likely a very bad neighborhood is $3500. That means that you need to make a minimum of $100,000 a year in order to survive with some comfort in order to live in San Francisco. Insane. read more

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