This Is Not The Post You Are Looking For…

Enough With The Good Feels. GooFMeLT Is Making Us Post Crap.

About an hour ago, I finished writing an article for thinkfuture pulse and pressed schedule to schedule it for tomorrow at 6 am my time, the normal time I publish. As I was writing the post, I thought to myself – is this my best work? I kept writing and writing and writing, reworking and reworking it, asking myself over and over again – is this my best work – does it bring my readers any value? Even as I was thinking that and writing that, read more

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I Fell Asleep In A Meeting

Maybe The Meeting Was So Boring Anyone Would Fall Asleep

Actually, I’ve nearly done it a number of times. And you have to wonder, is it me, or is it the meeting?

A little while back, I read a blog post by someone who shall remain nameless. He was commenting that he would have to try and figure out how to work with people he called “older workers” after an incident where someone he called an “older worker” fell asleep in one of his meetings. He was going on and on about having to be more respectful of the knowledge these “older workers” had, but maybe that they just didn’t have the stamina for the job. read more

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