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I used to play games all the time

Even though I enjoy gaming – I haven’t had a chance to play anything for the longest time (used to be a huge World of Warcraft player – still have a level 66 Paladin I haven’t seen in a while) – I just find that spending time doing something which ultimately does not actually generate anything at the end, other than really just kill time (I know some of you out there are going – what do you mean – that’s the whole point of games!). I suppose if I was the kind of person who could spend hours entertaining myself with no result other that the amusement during play, then I’d be playing more often. read more

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The End of “Location, Location, Location”?

No, i’m not talking about the end for location based apps, although any of those apps like Foursquare are seeing their market share eroded by other apps who simply add geo location as a feature – location is not really rocket science. It’s funny what people consider hot for a while. but I digress. read more

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Something That Bugs Me About User Reviews

If you have been on Yelp and other sites which review places or things, like Amazon product reviews, don’t you hate the users who determine their rating points based on a minuscule aspect of the restaurant, product or whatever? Like for example, people who give restaurants with amazing food one star simply because they couldn’t find parking? Or they slammed a kitchen appliance because it didn’t come in a color that they liked. One wonders if there was someway to develop an algorithm which could remove the scoring on reviews which slammed something due to a non-core attribute being rated low. I guess that is one of the issues with crowdsourced ratings and reviews, how do you keep the quality level of a rating consistent. If I write a review, it’s usually based on either promoting a place/product that I’m going to/using to others or dissuading them from going to/purchasing it. But as I look over both Yelp and Amazon reviews, especially the negative ones, they are rife with ratings crushing complaints about minor aspects – at least in my opinion. read more

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A Super Secret Of Life: Revealed: Life Is Change

Guess What? Life IS Change

I’m going to reveal a super-secret secret of life. I know, I know, once you read it you’ll go, of course, duh. But let me tell you first and then explain why people don’t believe it after.

Here is the fact: read more

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Self Medication ‘R Us

Does Optimum Health = Self Medication?

I tell you, if I had a nickel every time I went to the doctor and he prescribed antibiotics, I’d have, well, a whole lot of nickels.

It seems to me that it’s a no brainer to start to move some of these treatments out from under the “prescription” category, give adults a little bit of credit that they would be able to self-medicate when it comes to antibiotics. read more

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