Video Games Teach Problem Solving Skills

One of the things I personally believe in incredibly important, a skill that everyone should have and cultivate, above all others, is the skill to problem solve.

Sure, public speaking is important. So is Language Arts, Math, Science etc. But if you ask me, once you have problem solving skills, then everything else falls out of that.
Here’s an example: a number of years ago, I hired an intern to work on our IT dept at the company I was working at. The guys resume looked great, he had a certification in the type of network software we were using, and his credentials looked awesome. We interviewed him and he seemed to know his stuff. So we hired him and brought him in to work. read more

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Nostalgia Sells. Can You Bring Something Back Too?

It’s Time To Leverage Nostalgia Again

The other day, we were driving through downtown Palo Alto and I saw a really long line for some place called CREAM, so I asked my wife what it was. Since she’s more hip to what the buzz is when it comes to restaurants, she told me they were “ice cream sandwiches”. I immediately thought of the old Nestlé Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches we used to eat when we were kids. read more

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Don’t Just Consume, Create!

I’ve been having a long, back and forth discussion on “whats wrong with the youth of today” with various folks of my, somewhat advanced age group, and I think I’ve come to a few conclusions: read more

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5 Ideas I Came Up With In The Shower

How Useful Is Your Shower Time?

A colleague of mine said the other day – not jokingly – that he comes up with 5 new ideas every day while in the shower – so I thought: I can do that: Here’s today 5 new ideas:

  1. Weight Loss Idea 1 – a scale which never shows an increase in weight. Normally, when you step on a scale, it will report your current weight. For those who are on a diet, seeing that weight go back up – even if it’s a normal fluctuation,  will get very discouraged and possibly stop dieting. This scale checks your current weight against your last recorded weight and simply shows the lower figure.
  2. Weight Loss idea 2 – a scale like the above, but which reports a lower weight every week, whether you lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same. This scale will decrement your reported weight by .5 of a pound, or whatever you lost since last time. Again, showing progress keeps the dieter on track
  3. A Sugar Burger: take two things which taste great and put them together. Take a hamburger and coat with brown sugar, then pan fry in butter
  4. An unhealthy vegan burger – but one that tastes awesome. Why do all vegan things have to taste bad and/or be healthy for you. Why not a Vegan Sugar Burger!?
  5. A conditioner exuding hairbrush. Hair in a knot? Hard to style? This hairbrush has leave-in conditioner inside it and can release it into your hair at the press of a button.

What do you think? Good ideas? 😉 Not bad for a 5-minute shower. That’s like one idea per minute. read more

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