Are You Seeing the Future?

Blending Signals To Envision The Future In a previous post, I mentioned that for some, foreseeing the future is challenging. Not sure why, since the signals of the future are all around us. Every day and in every way, we see glimpses of the future in everything around us – like the Canadian Shield poking…

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The Future Of Your Home

Your Home Is Now A Consumer Electronic

A few years ago, I wrote about how trends in the automotive industry and the rapidity of change have practically turned our cars into consumer electronics – every few years we give them up for new models because we want all of the new features and functions. I postulated that a few of the trends (towards renting and leasing over buying) are leading me to think that our cars are quickly becoming as replaceable as our smartphones. Who wants a three-year-old tech? We can’t even connect to our smartphones or auto drive our cars with Siri. read more

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Autonomous Cars Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

Autonomous: Maybe It’s Past Time to Let The Machines Drive

After a day of driving the other day, I witnessed so many poor drivers (lane changing without signaling, driving very slowly in the passing lanes, terrible merging skills, not moving when the lights changed) that I realized that the skill of driving should no longer be left to humans. We should move, as quickly as possible, to make as many vehicles as we can autonomous. read more

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