Humans Are Lazy

Stop Asking The Customer To Jump Through Your Hoops In some ideation sessions that I’ve been a part of when attendees start the description of the idea with “the customer needs to” or “the customer should” or “the customer will,” I inwardly cringe. Typically, the rest of that sentence usually is asking the customer to…

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AI Recruitment: Not Ready for Prime Time, or Just Inscrutable to Puny Human Brains?

Artificial Intelligence is great, but can it help you pick your next star candidate?

Recently, Reuters reported that Amazon quit using a secret AI-based talent recruitment tool due to apparent gender bias – when it was trained by the recruiters to hire the best candidates, it ended up rating men higher than women. Based on past hiring practices, they created 500 computer models focused on specific job functions and locations. They taught each to recognize some 50,000 terms that showed up on previous candidates’ resumes. The technology favored candidates who described themselves using verbs more commonly found on male engineers’ resumes, such as “executed” and “captured.” read more

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