How To Build Awesome Bots

The Best Bots Do The Work For You

Lately, chat bots have been all the rage – no matter what services you provide, chances are that you have already launched, or are in the process of, launching a bot based version of your service. Everyone is doing it – companies from the largest tech and commerce retailers like Google and Amazon already have fairly advanced audio agents (Google Assistant and Amazon Echo), and there are tons of non-audio agents, coming from both Facebook and many much smaller companies. According to, there are over 1200 chatbots out there on the internet. We’ve got everything from virtual friends to money management or help for immigrants to complete their visas. read more

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The Next Hot Space: Chat Bots and Conversational Interfaces

The rise of the Smart (and not so smart) Chat Bots.

I’ve talked at length before about the Seamless World, wherein some not too distant future, big data, the internet of things, predictive analytics and automation will all come together to create a world without interfaces, where everything we need to happen in our lives simply happens, without our ongoing involvement. We go from fighting with our technology to get it to do what we want, to it finally relieving us of our day-to-day simple burdens and finally allowing technology to be an aide and guide to humankind, instead of enslaving us. read more

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ABC.XYZ, or the new Google

Why is it every time I hear ABC.XYZ, I think of the Jackson Five?

Some thoughts on the restructuring, renaming, rebranding of Google. First of all, I think it’s great for science fiction authors like myself, how many times have we envisioned a future company which provides and runs everything, and are having trouble coming up with a name. This name is perfect for us, it basically means that they do (or will do) everything. I keep thinking about these guys sitting in a back room at Google (oops I mean Alphabet) and thinking – “Gee, what business should we start for letter M, we don’t have an M, we need an M”. I wouldn’t be surprised if some companies change their names in order to simply be that letter. read more

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Thanks, Google For Bungeeing Us Into The Future

Back in Canada, there is this yearly fair called the Canadian National Exhibition or CNE (we just used to call it “the Ex”). I think its the longest running yearly fair, its been going since 1879. They have rides and exhibits and stuff: everything from food to international products, to hobbies, flowers, you name it. read more

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