Stop Running From Change and Embrace It

Why do people run from change, even when that change is for the better?

We always seem to fall back on the familiar, even if it causes pain. We stick with what we have, whether it works or not – even in some cases it’s worse for us. Most people fear change – they fear the future – they fear doing something different.

In most cases, its the fear of the unknown – no matter what you hear and know about something new, no matter how good it sounds and how it might improve your life, we are still reluctant to embrace change. The unfamiliar is scary to most people: you mean I need to do something new? Something I might not be able to master immediately? Something I will have to learn (thus stretching me out of my well-worn comfort zone).

The answer is, of course, yes, because, although I hate to break it to you, the only constant in life is change. Its the same all over nature, it’s a human conceit that we can surround ourselves with these little bubbles of consistency, then try to live our lives inside of them, in some cases never experiencing the true wonder of life.

Sometimes we open these little bubbles up to the rest of the world, sometimes we connect our bubble to other similar bubbles, but we still live in our little bubbles, hoping that the rest of the crazy world that scares us just stays away. Sometimes our bubbles are invaded by life, and we recoil, tighten our bubbles even closer, and try to weather the changes, but our bubble may never be the same again.

We are continually looking for this mythical steady state, the place where everything goes back to “normal”, even though we probably realize that underneath it all, there really is no such thing as normal.

How do you survive in a world like this? There is only one way – you need to burst (or at least let the air out) or your own bubble, and, more than accept change, embrace it. To embrace life, you need to embrace change. Welcome change with open arms and you will feel better both psychologically and physiologically.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you become a full-on determinist a just be a leaf in the stream of life. No, what I’m suggesting is instead of fighting the wave, ride the wave. Sometimes let it take you, other times make your own way. If you realize that life is change, then you will be resilient to anything that comes at you. You will be free to ride the waves as they come, and not worry about capsizing.

How do you embrace change? Seek out the new and the different, physically and sensorial. Do new things that you’ve never done before. Instead of staying in, go out. Instead of going out, stay in. Travel to a new city you’ve never been to before. Instead of going to that same old restaurant for dinner, try somewhere new. Constantly seek out the new and different. Change up your life. Maybe the next time you feel like saying No, say Yes.

Who knows how far you can go.