Benevolent Capitalism: A New Possibility in Business

This is a guest post by Gary Douglas

Capitalism is often seen as promoting inequality and unfairness. It has become about having the most, getting your share and not considering anyone else. Rather than looking at what is being created in the world and the impact it will have, capitalism has been about creating maximum profits. Period. End of story.

Capitalism doesn’t have to be the way it has been created. When looked at from a different perspective, when instituted from another point of view, it can create something greater in the world.

Benevolent Capitalism is that different point of view. The words Bene Volen mean “do good for the majority.” Businesses have learned to maximize profits which benefit a few, rather than creating the maximum possibilities that benefit us all. For capitalism to become something that contributes to the world, businesses must begin to look at maximum possibility.

If your business or you as an individual are currently functioning from traditionalism capitalism and would like to become a benevolent capitalist, or at least consider the idea, here are three tips on how to get started:

It’s not about getting rid of people

A common way of looking at business today is looking at how to increase the bottom line by getting rid of staff. The mindset is, “Who can I fire so I can make more money? Who can I get rid of so I increase the bottom line?” Less people, less salaries to pay does not necessarily equate to greater business.

If you desire to function as a Benevolent Capitalist, as someone who creates business for the good of the majority, rather than for the good of a few, you have to stop looking at who or what to cut and start asking, “How can I create something greater? What can I choose to institute today that will create greater possibilities for me, for my business, for my staff and for the planet?”

As you ask these questions, you become aware of possibilities and creative ideas that you did not see before and new doors will open.

Always be willing to change

Businesses fail when people take a fixed point of view and are unwilling to change. Take Kodak for example. Kodak was the film company of the universe and then digital cameras came along. Kodak’s point of view was that digital would never replace film. Can it replace film? Not really because film does something unique. But, because it was so popular and because it was so valuable and people liked it so much, Kodak went out of business. When we take a fixed point of view, we go out of business.

When I was 13 I had a mentor who said to me, “The only way you can fail is if you are unwilling to change.” So be willing to change anything at any moment and if you are, the chances of failure diminish greatly.

Let go of the idea that business is about saving money

A Benevolent Capitalist does not look at things from the perspective of “How can I save money.” A benevolent capitalist is always looking at “How can I create more? What else is possible? If there were no limitations, what would I choose? What would I create?”

A Benevolent Capitalist looks for additional revenue streams. They are never limited by what others say can’t be done. They are willing to look from another perspective which allows them to see the possibilities that others miss. Cutting corners, spending less, minimum resources is not the place they function from. The function from the place of asking questions, letting go of fixed points of view, having gratitude for what they have created and always asking to create more so that everyone benefits.  

The purpose of money is to change people’s realities. Creating more money in business doesn’t come from cutting staff or limiting resources. Creating more money in business comes when people ask questions, never settle on a fixed point of view, are always willing to change and to do things different. These people create something greater in the world. They are Benevolent Capitalists inviting us all to a greater possibility.

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