Everyone Is an Entrepreneur

We Are Born Entrepreneurs

Humans are amazing creatures. There is almost nothing that we can’t do, and if we can’t do it, we build ourselves a machine to help us do it, or do it for us (which, of course, is preferable). We couldn’t travel faster than 4 miles an hour, so we built machines to propel us thousands of miles an hour. We couldn’t fly, so we built machines to let us fly. We couldn’t get to the moon, so we built machines to take us there, and we went.

We’ve used our brains to conquer almost every square inch of this planet. We’ve been everywhere and done most everything, and if we haven’t done it yet, we are planning to. There are no real limits to the human imagination.

If that’s truly the case, why do we still have people, beautifully intelligent human beings, with huge brains of great capacity, still doing menial, mind-numbing, manual tasks? Why haven’t we put our collective brains together to figure out how to free all humans from drudgery and useless, time wasting tasks?

In my opinion, is because of the way business and government work nowadays. That even though it’s being less and less effective and efficient to be working a full-time job for a company, that’s what business and government want us to do. Even though Uber drivers have the freedom to do what they want, any old time, as contractors to Uber, the state wants to pressure Uber to hire their contractors as full-time employees. But if you ask me, the typical full-time employee spends a lot of time as a cog in the machine, not living us to his or her fullest potential as a human. They spend a lot of time in pointless meetings, seeking alignment from huge numbers of individuals, pushing paper and doing busywork, instead of using their giant brains on the big problems of our time.

We need to empower people to think the big thoughts by giving them the tools to do so. Once you give people the power to do what they want, then their inner entrepreneur is revealed. I think that is one of the reasons that the on-demand sharing economy is doing so well – that people are now realizing that the quality of life that they are getting via not having a full-time job, by not being a cog in the machine, is so much better than that possibly fatter paycheck or health care plan that they had when they were working full time.

In the future of work, everyone is an entrepreneur, and everyone thrives in every way – monetarily, spiritually & physically. As a full-time employee, did you ever have time in the middle of the day to go for a jog, or pick up your kids from school? How many times were you forced by your job to do something that you didn’t want to do – just to get a paycheck? How often did you sacrifice your time – your most precious possession – doing something you hated? A lot, I’d bet.

We are entering a period where everyone’s inner entrepreneur can now be revealed. A time in the world where we can finally truly use technology to make us free. And we are taking advantage of it.