A Super Secret Of Life: Revealed: Life Is Change

Guess What? Life IS Change

I’m going to reveal a super-secret secret of life. I know, I know, once you read it you’ll go, of course, duh. But let me tell you first and then explain why people don’t believe it after.

Here is the fact:


There, I said it. You are saying, duh. Everyone knows that. But do you? Do you really? And if you know that, then why are you surprised by anything? Once you truly get it and understand that life is flux, then trust me, things will get better.

Why do you ask?

I’ll tell you. If you truly believe that life is change, then nothing will surprise you. Everything that crosses your path which throws you off, won’t. And if something still does throw you off, then you know that you really still don’t believe in the above.

But even if you go so far as to say, sure I believe in the above and are not surprised, still, you worry. You worry about losing your job, your home, your spouse, your life, gaining a new job, buying a new house, having a baby, and any and all of the myriad things that will happen in your life. Some will be good and some will be bad. The fact is that whether it’s good or bad, it’s still change.

So how do you deal with all of the change in life, good or bad? Simple. Don’t just deal with change as it comes:


If you embrace change when it comes, and you know it will, you can truly have a fulfilling, calm and wonderful life. And how do you embrace change? Also simple:

Do. Fail. Learn. Do again until you succeed.

Pretty simple, huh? I see people make up all these elaborate plans, and then something in life comes along and changes everything, and then they have to write up whole new plans and everything. So why do it? If life is change, how much planning can you really do? Plan your work and work your plan, may be great for some things, but it doesn’t work for life.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

Every failure is an opportunity to learn.