One Simple Trick To Flood Your Innovation Pipeline!!!

Innovation Is Easy To Extract

As I mentioned in my last post – you very likely already have an innovation pipeline and either A) don’t know about it or B) don’t think that the ideas currently in it are any good – they are simply not innovative enough.

Let’s deal with B first – cause it’s easier (well to me at least). So before you have a list of ideas from your employees. The reason that you want new ideas is because you don’t like the ideas on that list for some reason – maybe they suck, maybe your competitor is doing them, maybe they aren’t innovative enough for you. But I also bet that you are worried that if you go back to your employees (ahem – inventors) and tell them that that either A) they will shut up and NEVER give you any more ideas, good OR bad or B) they will give you even more crappy ideas and you’ll have to realize that they aren’t all that good in the first place. Innovation required a feedback loop.

Be calm. You have nothing to worry about. Inventors LOVE feedback. In my experience, they crave feedback more than almost anything – well most of the ones I know do at least – there are others who are more money driven for sure, but we can deal with those in a future post.

So GIVE them feedback. Tell them that their idea sucks, that your competitor is doing it, or that the idea is not innovative enough. Just tell them something. One thing inventors crave is knowing that something will happen to their idea, good or bad.

Once they have that feedback, they will go back and generate new innovation. You’ll see. Once you unjam your pipeline by resolving the ideas already in there, boom, you’ll see the flood of new ideas…