Unprocessed Ideas Can Be Tastier

Delicious Ideas May Not Need To Be Processed

Following up on my post yesterday on the processing of internal ideas, like organic food, which has has as little processing as possible, organic ideas, coming directly from the inventors, with as little added flavoring as possible, usually make the best ideas. Now it is possible that the initial idea was missing a business model or some other factor which you could conceivably add to make the idea more palatable to the organization, sometimes even unpalatable ideas need to be nurtured and launched out into the world, just to see if someone finds them tasty. Sometimes you never know if something is good until you try it. With some ideas, a good example is Twitter, there was no real thought to the business model, but one arose once it got into the marketplace and started to be used. The best ideas are like that, and I’d be willing to bet had the concept of Twitter arose within a corporate innovation program, it’s doubtful that it would have flown. What does this tell us? Maybe, sometimes, its good to just wing it, and let the market determine the business model.